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      Steve's Shared Thoughts

      Welcome to EverWoods

      Greetings and thanks for taking time to visit our website here at EverWoods!  My name is Steve Timmermans and our team here at EverWoods has been working hard for quite a while to bring you the array of products and services that we now offer, and which you can see both here at our website, as well as at our showroom and store in Elgin Centre, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.


      I'm going to do my very best to personally share with you the many experiences, thoughts, passions, ideas, and perspectives associated with many of the things associated that we have been doing, and continue to do, here at EverWoods.  Many of my stories begin at the tree, and end up as beautifully shaped logs at our custom live edge slab sawmill facility, where we saw these logs into incredibly appealing and unique live edge slabs.

      These slabs proceed toward us eventually bringing you the various live edge products and services having so many possible destinations -- like people's shops, homes, offices, or cottages.


      Various EverWoods team members will also periodically share their thoughts, suggestions, and ideas with you here at this Blog spot, so please feel free to check in periodically to read our existing and new blog posts, and we hope that you find these informative, inspiring, and pleasant to browse.

      I'll be posting a lot more content here, at our Instagram page, on YouTube, and on Facebook.  Thanks for following us, and thanks for supporting us.

      Kind Regards,